Bonjour quel type de jeux de calle utiliser pour régler les bougies rotax
Le réglage est il au centre de la bougie ou au extremité car l électrode de masse sont incurvé au centre
Merci pour vos infos
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    "Hello what kind of calle games use to set the candles rotax 297656
    The setting is in the center of the candle or at the end ?? because the ground electrode are curved in the center.
    Thank you for your information"

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    I think the Question is...

    What type of feeler gauges do you use to adjust the gap in the 297656 spark plug?
    Because the Ground Electrode is curved in the center, is the gap set in the center of the gap or at the ends?

    I think the Answer is...

    You use a Wire Type Feeler Gauge as explained here...


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    thank you for the information note

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