So after a full top end rebuild, new pistons and more I put the motor back together, purged and fired up. Strange ticking noise coming from the motor. Shut down, checked for play on the valve train and nothing. rockers are solid at TDC. Ran it again, still there, but at random times will disappear. Looking at old videos, this ticking noise has always been there but I assumed it to be normal, and now I'm sensitive to it after rebuild. Located it to be coming from the back, and did some tests with the spark plugs out.

Found a nasty grinding noise, and ticking coming from the stator assembly and starter. I'm guessing neither of these are normal. After removing starter, the ticking disappeared, but there's still a grinding noise.

Is it this a common cause of ticking sound easily mistaking as lifter tick? Any idea what could be causing it?

Here are a sequence of videos showing the situation

[video] https://youtu.be/UiElDVBpqjM[/video]

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