Hello. I’m new to Rotax engines, new to this forum, but not new to general aviation. I’ve been lurking here for awhile trying to get smart on Rotax engines. Please bare with my rookie questions.

I am seriously considering buying a Rans S-7 built in 2006 that has a 912 ULS with a 1500 hour TBO. The service bulletins indicate that it requires a new case to increase the TBO to 2000. It currently has 1200 hours on the engine.
1. Any significant issues I should know about an engine of this vintage?
2. Am I taking a big risk buying a 912 with this many hours?
3. Anything particular to look for on this engine when I go to look at the airplane?

It has had the carb inspection, gearbox inspection and 5-year rubber done within the last 50 hours.

Thanks in advance for any education you can give me before I commit to this purchase.

The serial number of the engine is: 5643446
The serial number of the crankcase is: 20647
  • Re: Older 912 longevity

    by » one year ago

    5643446 was produced 23-Jan-2004

    Engine Type: ROTAX 912 ULS
    Engine Version: 912 ULS2
    Model Number: 309120110

    Original Factory Configuration:
    without fuel lines
    UL2 I=2,43 with clutch
    without vacuum pump
    with green valve covers
    without mech. tachom. pick up
    without external generator
    without air guide baffle
    with std. temperatur sensors
    with nipple conn. for oil pump
    with expansion tank
    without air box
    without engine truss
    starter large

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