I have a 914 powering my gyrocopter, 350 hours since new. I have throttled off approaching final for a glide approach, and upon re-applying the throttle there is a hesitation in the motor. It has not done this before.
This was repeatable.

Otherwise the engine appears to runs faultlessly in the air.

The 914 is supplied by two fuels pumps both ON.

I haven't been flying over the last 6 months although I have run the engine a few times.
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    by » 5 months ago

    Well, since none of the experts have responded, I'll suggest that you check your carb floats to make sure you aren't suffering from "sinking float syndrome."

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    by » 5 months ago

    Hi Ken

    Thank you for those thoughts, appreciate the response.

    As I am not capable of doing the carbs myself I went a different direction with this and siphoned the old fuel out, and replaced the fuel with new 98 octane. The fuel had been in the tank for six months, and I understand now that old fuel loses its octane rating.

    I am yet to finish testing but initial indications are the hesitation diminished and may go away.

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