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Has anyone got a few pictures (underneath and behind) of the fuel feed arrangement of the older MT-03?

I have bought this Auto-Gyro MT-03 with a 914 engine so I can use it for my schooling.

And while checking it thoroughly I have discovered, the fuel feed arrangement must have been tampered with.

It has the twin tank option with a balancing tube - with smaller tubes welded on for the fuel feed into the filters attached to the pumps.

But it's mounted too far back, so the smaller hoses has to bend way too much - so they end up folding in on themselves, blocking the flow.

I am quite sure, it has not been like that from the beginning.

I have owner's manual in three languages, UK maintenance manual and "Manufacturer maintenance manual (Heavy Maintenance)" -  but none of them show the old arrangement on the MT-03.

Before I invent some solution, I would like to see how it was made originally. It may be smarter than what I can cook up, plus it will be original-ish.



Erik Werner Hansen

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    I am at a loss as to why no one wants to help a fellow gyro owner.

    From what I've seen, a fair number of these gyros were sold with this engine back in 2007-8.

    So I thought it was a piece of cake to get the picture I need.

    But they apparently don't use this site.

    The factory just refer me to the dealer - and I think he is too new in the business to know.



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    Hi Genival. Thank you for responding.

    It's an ad from 2015...

    Wouldn't he have sold the gyro by now?



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     I have no knowledge of how an older MT-O3 was plumbed but I will throw out some assumptions and advice.

    Assuming Autogyro has not made any major modification the fuel system and used the same plumbing in their Calidus Model, I would expect that fuel pickup should have been sealed by a rubber grommet located on the Forward face of the Left Fuel tank about 6 inches up from the bottom.

    You will have to lay on the ground and look closely to find this location.

    The hose coming off the tank makes its next stop at the Fuel Shutoff Valve before any filters or anything else.

    The Shutoff valve needs to be physically close to the fuel pickup in the tank.

    From there it will connect to a Single Coarse Fuel Filter and then on to the fuel pumps.


    The cross-flow tube between the Fuel tanks should have a fuel drain in its bottom center as this piece doubles as the Water Separation Sump.

    It would be illogical to draw fuel from the cross-flow tube as this would guarantee that any water in the system would be ingested by the engine.

    The Fuel plumbing should remain a singe hose until after the Fuel Pumps and Fine Filter before splitting to the individual carbs otherwise the redundancy of the system would be defeated.

    It sounds like someone Rednecked the system in an attempt to be able to get every last drop of fuel out of the tanks at the cost of reliability.

    The fuel pickup on the Front wall of the left tank appears to leave a lot of unusable fuel in the tanks.

    In reality, it is about 3 pints (1.5 Liters) or less than 5 minutes of fuel.

    It also means that even a full Pint of water in the tank would be harmless.


    A few pictures of what you have would help.

    As this is actually an airframe question and not a Rotax Engine question, you might get a better response from your local Autogyro dealer or you might try asking the MT-O3 owners at www.rotaryforum.com

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
    Clicking the "Thank You" is Always Appreciated.

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    Hi - thank you for your reply.

    The manual for the later MTO Sport show the arrangement you mention.

    But my tanks both have fuel pickup at the bottom rear - and has no fuel shut off valve.

    After the two filters The two electric fuel pumps also acts as one way valves and come together into the larger fine filter.

    I know Rotax has shown a different (more complicated) 914 setup with one way valves, but both setups will work.

    You are right, that any water in the tanks will go to the carbs - far from ideal.

    I first posted in the Auto-Gyro section of www.rotaryforum.com and got no answers at all.

    Auto-Gyro referred me to the Danish dealer.


    Erik Werner Hansen

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