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 I am Writing on behalf of ERAH Aviation’s Technical Department.

 One of our costumer reported as a exceeding of maximum coolant temperature event.

We examinated the Rotax 912 S MML  CHPT. 05-50-00  SEC.3,6,2 Exceeding level according to Fig.3 graphic, we should proceed to table 2.

But due to pilot report, duration of the overheat is minor for us (about 3 minutes). Cause of short duration for the event and low engine rpm at ground.     

We are asking that is there a possibility to proceed table 1 in stead of table 2 ?  

Thanks in advance.


Pilot's Report at below,

 Engine CHT indicator raised up to 120oC at parking position for a 5 min. From starting the engine. Aircraft taking wind from opposite side.

When we arrived at waiting point from parking position, we observed that the indicator raised up to 150oC while we taking wind from cross side.

We rejected take off and returned to parking position. Taxiing to the parking spot took 3 mins. Engine shuttedoff and observed no changes on the indicator.

Whole operation took 15 mins at low (1000 for parking – 1400 for taxiing) rpm.


7564_1_ROTAX MML REFERENCE.pdf (You do not have access to download this file.)
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