Hello all.  Ive got 25 hours on my 912ul kitfox 4 but started getting fuel pressure issues. Determined its the mechanical fuel pump. Mine is from 1996. Engine sat till i puchased a year or so ago. Ordered the new one from cps. Their tech said with this new rotax design i need to route a return by joining the pump inlet line with the pump outlet line. If i understand this correctly, it basically bypasses the pump. Is this correct? 

  • Re: 912 ul fuel system diagram

    by » 6 months ago

    Yes, sort of.

    However, you need to put a valve in that additional loop to make sure that the fuel cannot just flow through the pump‘s outlet and back to the inlet (this direction the valve must be closed). In case the electric pump gets stuck the valve will open under the suction of the mechanical pump and open as a bypass to the stuck e-pump.

    Extra cost for the valve is about a dollar or two.

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