Hi, I apologize if this is a simple question but I am new to this. Yesterday, I flew a 2007 Remos G3 equipped with a Rotax 912ULS. Everything was going well, and about 1 hr into the flight, the Rotax Flydat status light started flashing Red and the numbers flashing on the LCD were the EGT/PTO numbers. The flashing numbers read 212 (F). The engine seemed to be running fine, but this cause me some level of alarm and I returned to my airfield at slow RPM's. Reducing the RPM reduced the temperature reading, while increasing the RPM increased it. A bit before landing, the alarm disappeared and everything seemed normal. I reported this to my flight instructor and he didn't seem to be too worried, basically said we should keep an eye on it and report it to the mechanic if it happens again.

Should I be concerned about flying this airplane again? Would a high EGT cause the engine to die on me? Should we really "just keep an eye on it"? I'm a bit worried and would like some advice.

Also, the Flydat was flashing numbers like 212... is that 212F or 2120F? I'm confused because EGT should be in the thousand range, yet there is only 3 digits on the Flydat.

What does the PTO refer to in the "EGT/PTO"?

Can anybody recommend a course of action? I'm only 3 hrs post-solo and I don't need the extra worry. On the other hand I don't want to over-react to a simple problem.


Thanks in advance for any advice!  Martin.

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