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Refer to HMM 912 (( ignition modules are same design and interchangeable )) 74-00-00 page 14

1- can i use two module (B) permanently instead of A&B ? if yes , should i mentioned in in Logbook or not?

2- can i change 4 pin Module to 6 pin by changing connector or ignition timing is different in 4 and 6 pin ? 

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    by » 8 months ago

    This is probably a question for your Rotax distributor or service center. 

    3.1.3) Category C

    Pay attention to the specifications of the latest version of the Installation Manual (IM) and Mainte- nance Manual (MM) Heavy for the respective engine type.

    Older engines having an ignition system which is equipped with 6-pin connector modules
    (part no. 966724 / 966726 / 966728) can be upgraded to the new advance start system with the installation of new modules, easy start unlock cable and the new flywheel hub.

    NOTE: Older engines (not having 6-pin connectors) can only be upgraded with the new flywheel hub. A complete retrofit requires the replacement of the trigger coils, double ignition coils, the addition of the connector bracket and further considerable change. This work may not be economically feasible.

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