I have an older 912uls with under 500 hrs.   Plane has set last 18 months as I had fuel leaking on hanger floor under engine.   I traced it back to old fuel hoses in the fire sleeve at the split to each carb.  Today i installed all new fuel hoses.

i drained old fuel and refueled with new

turned on master and aux fuel pump and looked for fuel leaks.  

after a few seconds, my engine fuel pump was leaking fuel BAD.  I am pretty sure it was not coming from any hose fittings but from the pump housing...I assume the pump is old and bad.  

before i order a new one, is there anything else i should check?

Fyi my setup is this:

high wing rans s7, each wing feeds into one line... then fuel filter... them aux fuel pump.... then on off valve.... them to engine fuel pump....then to fuel flow meter... to T valve... to each carb.  

my engine fuel pump is the "pierburg" type..


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