I have 25kg (55lbs) of ballast in the nose of my aircraft for W & B. Currently this is lead and dead weight but necessary. I was thinking of replacing it with a large battery (automotive) of the same weight meaning it’s at least “useful” weight serving two purposes, ballast and starting battery. This would of course be a very high capacity CCA battery. 
my question is: Would such a large capacity high cranking (and Ah) battery cause and damage to the electrics? (Starter, regulator etc?)

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    The CAPACITY of the battery is immaterial as long as is not too small.

    You can't have Too Much capacity until the weight becomes an issue.

    It is still 12 volts no matter what the amperage rating is.


    A car might have a 400hp engine but that does not mean you can't drive it at 20mph through a school zone.

    You can plug a night light into your house that has a 200 amp service panel and it doesn't go up in a fireball.


    The Ampacity of the battery is what it is capable of delivering, not necessarily what it is going to deliver.

    Feel free to install the largest battery of your choice.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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    if you have the possibility, it would be good to move elements to make the rear of the plane lighter

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    Unfortunately not an option. I have already cut weight and nearly halved the nose ballast as is.

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