I am to the point of installing a whirlwind propeller on my 914.  I have the threaded bushings that need to be press fit in to the prop flange.  I am unsure on how to press these bushing in to the flange.  I tried to press them in with a "C" clamp and a well made strong back as to not damage the flange but I have found this is not nearly enough force.  What is used to press these bushings in while the flange is on the engine and the engine is on the airplane?  If possible please include pics of the tool.


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    The "C" Clamp often does not produce a perfect parallel push and is problematic.

    I have used a short stack of washers on the front to spread the load and just used a bolt to pull them in.

    A light touch of grease and an hour in the freezer will also help.  Work quickly!

    Warm the flange, Cool the Bushings.

    And Yes! They are so tight that you might think this is never going to work.

    Be sure to re-torque the prop bolts after the first start as things may tend to find a new home.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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    Put a deep socket and a couple of washer and pulled it in with a bolt.  Worked perfect.  Thanks.

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