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Hello Guys,

New plane and new problem I have a 2005 Fantasy air allegro 2000 with a 912 80hp with 300 hrs , i just finish replacing all the coolant hose  flew the plane several times and topped off the coolant to get all the air out today I flew it for about 30 min and the cht was solid at 220F then all of  sudden it shot up I throttle back and land with in a minute throughout alll this the oil temp stood normal in the green when I took of the cowling I notice that the coolant reservoir was completely empty  before taking off it was full in the last week I replace the temp gauge and sending unit (vdo) What else can it be? How can I see if the water pump is working properly ? I'm using 50/50 dexcol

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    It sounds like some coolant was lost. Did one of the new hoses come off or did it escape past the pressure cap? If you have a coolant escape in flight you can usually smell the additive in the cockpit. If coolant gets past the pressure cap then you should see excess coolant in the overflow tank.

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    If any hose To/From the water pump gets warm as the engine warms up, the pump is moving coolant.

    If you had a leak you will have oily coolant in the vicinity of the leak and probably enough sprayed around that it would drip from the cowling after landing.

    Do you have a hot water cabin heater core that my not have been purged?


    When you say the "Reservior" was empty I assume you meant the Overflow Bottle.

    When you looked under the Pressure Cap on the Expansion Tank, was it empty also?


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    Hey Guys Thank You for the Response,

    I found out what was the Problem, I had a bad Cht Sender also had the radiator flush and pressure cleaned. I have flown 2 hrs already with the temps in the Green. One of my Radiator hose came loose thats why I lost all the coolant. 

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