912 making oil

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I have a 912 in a sling.

I have noticed the oil level rising and after last flight found oil tank overfilled by approx 350ml Sent oil to be analysed and came back saying fuel dilution between 4 and 8 %. No fuel evident on fuel pump drain line. The a/c is a low wing so no ways fuel can be running into carbs ?

Any ideas ? Got me stumped  !


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    Good morning  Just an update on this issue I use unleaded fuel and get it from one supplier. I drained all the unleaded and fill tanks with AvGas and have run 5 hrs since and oil level perfect ! Low grade fuel - suspect diesel has been mixed into the fuel - Food for thought     

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    Old fuel Causes many problems, premium 98 is only good for 3 months, less in hot weather.

    sometimes a faulty fuel pump will leak fuel into the engine via the gearbox.

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    Morning Bob

    Many thanks for your input ! In Africa you are never sure what you will get ! I live in Zimbabwe. A guy in Namibia eventually told me about this fuel issue as he had the same problem not so long ago. 


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