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I am in the process of putting together an Searey with an Airmaster prop and this hasa two options for the slipring: mini or standard.  This aircraft is IFR equipped, hence need to carry an external generator. Question is which slip ring to choose?  The min-slipring is preferred but will this work with an external generator for the 914?   Which generator to choose that will work with the mini-slipring 

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    You can get a generator that mounts either on the Prop Flange or on the Vaccum Pump/Prop Governor accessory flange.

    You can get a slipring that also mounts on the prop flange or one that mounts on the rear of the prop shaft.

    If you choose the Prop flange mounted Alternator you will need to choose the MiniSlip Ring that mounts to the rear of thye Prop Shaft.

    Your Prop shaft will need to be the hollow version for the wires to pass through.

    If your Prop shaft is solid it will need to be replaced, or the standard slipring mounted on the Prop Flange can be used.

    In this case the gear for the Vaccum Pump/Prop Governor will need to have been installed.in order to drive an accessory flange mounted Alternator.

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    Your question indicates you want the Standard, Prop Flange Driven, Alternator and the mini slip ring.

    As long as your prop shaft is hollow you are good to go.

    Look closely before you  panic, some shafts have a removable plug/cap installed.  


    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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