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    by » 3 months ago

    Could you tell me the complete engine configuration (912 ULS) by the gearbox serial number 67901? Thank you!

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    by » 3 months ago

    The gearbox would have to be original to the engine. Below is the information that is attached to that gearbox:

    ROTAX 912 ULS

    Production Date: 17.03.2016


    • without fuel lines
    • UL2 I=2,43 with clutch
    • without vacuum pump
    • with green valve covers
    • without mech. tachom. pick up
    • without external generator
    • without air guide baffle
    • with std. temperature sensors
    • with nipple conn. for oil pump
    • with expansion tank
    • without air box
    • bent sockets for engine truss
    • starter large

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    by » 6 weeks ago


    Can you give me the date of production of the Rotax with serial number 4923737?

    Is there any other thing I have to check before buying it?

    Thank you for you answer and have a nice day

    Pierre from France

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    by » 4 weeks ago

    Can I took some information for the serial number 4407868? Construction year? Thank you very much. 

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