Rotax 914 reached to total 180 hrs running on fuel 100LL. full time.

An unwanted slipping of the integrated overload a clutch of the propeller gearbox occurred.

When Propeller Rotate very frequently it rotates by hand with no trouble, I mean feeling no Load on gearbox i.e no friction torque.I removed the gearbox from the Engine and dismantle the gearbox for a further investigation like Overload clutch. I found it is Okay,  so I re-installed the gearbox on another engine and found propeller with regular normal Load.i.e  friction torque feeling by hand.

I think the problem may be inside the Engine i.e piston rings may be clogged /Damaged i.e Ring failed to sustain pressure,

No consumption of oil found before. No magnetic plug accumulation found on the first start of the engine.

 your opinion as expert requested……


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