So like most, I rc'd SB-912-074UL this am.  Yay .... umm not.

Funny thing tho., is that my engine wasn't listed (67852xx) and is thus about 2 hundred engines shy of 67854xx.  But heres the thing; we've replaced at least 2 sets of floats in this 4 yr old engine already !  And I think w/ one of our fuel bowls being a bit wet on the outside, coupled w/ a rpm "stumble" on the taxiway the other day ... that we're gettn ready to put another set in for santa  : {

What I dont understand nor like, is that rotax (and/or bing) are'nt handing out new brass floats like candy, rather than requieiring repeated charges of 150.- + for the same sinking junk !

Has anybuddy been hurt yet because of these damn rocks ?  Be careful about shutting down to idle, anytime its questionable, weather you can make your runway !




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