I own 912ULS s/n 5648565.    I am trying to find out how it was originally equiped and whether it has thru-bolts.  My understanding based on the logbooks is that it has been uprated to 2000 TBO.  I beleive it was installed in a 2007 CTLS, originally.





  • Re: Engine Background 912ULS

    by » 5 months ago

    5648565 was produced 05-Apr-2007

    ROTAX 912 ULS

    912 ULS2


    • with fuel lines
    • UL2 I=2,43 with clutch
    • without vacuum pump
    • with green valve covers
    • without mech. tachom. pick up
    • without external generator
    • without air guide baffle
    • with std. temperatur sensors
    • with screw connection metrical
    • with expansion tank
    • without air box
    • without engine truss
    • starter large

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