I am performing the mandatory circlip and float replacements on my 914. When I removed the fuel line (necessary to remove the carb top) I discovered that where the fuel line connects to the carburetor, there is a compression fitting.


Does this compression fitting need to be replaced?


I do not see the fitting listed as a part in the IPC nor do I find any mention of it in the HMM.

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    by » 6 weeks ago

    On a Rotax type 914 they have stainless steel lines that come from the regulator to the respective carburators.  At the end is a banjo fitting that is attached to the regulator with a special bolt.  To seal this the banjo on each side has a copper compression washer, they should be new each time.  On the carb side it is an internal compression fitting, this does not require replacement.  

    I trust this helps.


    Thank you said by: Ken Ryan

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