I would like to know where does the oil in the propeller governor come from. More precisely, if it comes from the oil filter outlet or from the oil pump before going to the filter.

I had a very bad engine failure with a broken cylinder and a lot of metal particles and chunks everywhere. I wonder if contaminated oil has circulated inside the governor or if the oil filter may have prevented it.

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    The Oil circuit is From the Oil Tank > to the Oil Pump > to the Oil Filter > To the Left side of the Engine > Crossing at the Rear of the Engine to the Right Side of the Engine > Passing Out the Right Front of the Engine through the Port in the Upper Part of the Oil Pump opposite the filter > Through the Oil Line to the Prop Governor.

    The Governor dumps its oil into the Gearbox Case which drains back to the CrankCase which is sumped back to the Oil Tank.
    And around it goes again

    Every drop of Oil passes from the Oil Pump > Through the Oil Filter > before going to the engine.  It is ALL Filtered on every pass.
    That Oil Port on the Oil Pump that feeds the Governor is actually over a meter away from the Oil Pump in the Oil Flow Path.

    Your blown Cylinder may have dropped metal into the CrankCase which then flowed from Oil Tank > Oil Pump > Oil Filter > Engine.
    It is unlikely it pushed any metal upstream into the pressure side of the Oil Circuit. 

    The Governor is likely still Clean.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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