Subject says it all.  I'm looking for some instructions or pictures on how best to connect the ignition coil wires to the 2 SMD boxes.  I discovered a cracked power wire to one of the SMD boxes and figure I might as well check all the wiring.

The ignition coil wires are connected and kind of jammed in between the ignition coils.  Not sure how best to re-connect these and where they should sit.

I have the older 4-pin connector SMD boxes. 

Also, what type of wire should I use to repair any cracked wire with and where can I purchase it?

thanks for any advice.


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    by » 4 months ago

    I've got the older 4 pin version fitted to my engine. I've looked through my extensive collection of photos but I cannot find any showing the coil connections under the ignition modules.

    I know that mine are just wedged in between the coils. It isn't very pretty and some of the wires have tight bends where they enter the crimp terminals.

    You need to be careful with the wires as they are potted within the SMD modules. Unless the wire and the crimp are in poor condition I would just sleeve the wire with some adhesive lined heat shrink. If you cut it off and replace it you will still be stuck having to solder and sleeve it.

    Alternatively you can get a nice new upgraded module from Mark Kyle in Australia.(Kyle Communications).

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    Thanks.  Mine are wedged in between the coils as well.  I'm wondering if there is a better method.  Do you think it worthwhile to remove each ignition coil (by unbolting them from each other) and maybe find a better way to route the wires?

    @Kevin - What type of mag drop do you get between the 'A' and 'B' circuits?

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    I think that if you wanted to improve the wiring you would be better off wiring them all to a separate plug and socket like the 4 way connector. It would then be non-standard which may not be a good idea.

    Whilst the standard installation is not great, it generally works without issue so other than fixing your insulation problem I would be tempted to leave it alone. The wires are not long enough to route them anywhere more sensible anyway.

    My RPM drop is about 100 at my max static of 4800rpm.

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