Replacing LYDAT EMC with a Rotax Aviasport analog 912 oil pressure gauge PSI and it says for VDO sender only. The current oil pressure sender says VDO on it and has two terminals. The wiring diagram shows only one. 
Gauge has three terminals + - sender. Not able to get any pressure reading 

any ideas.  Thanks Bob


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    Hi Bob

    The VDO senders have come in several configurations.  The original version was a single + pole on the sender and the metal body was the - pole.  The second version was a 2 pole, with one as + and the other - so this should be easy.  As to the gauge having more wires that question should go to Aviasport, perhaps there is something on their web pages?  Maybe someone here has installed one and can help.



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    Thank you said by: Bob Burque

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