Hello all,

So I noticed the last couple flights I had uneven CHTs on my 912 ULS.  So today I started to investigate.  

First I swapped the temp sensors, and the problem stayed the same.  Number 1 low and number 2 high (See pics)

So I then went and pulled plugs and found one sooted up.  Sadly today, I only pulled the top plug, should have pulled the bottom, but will tomorrow.  

The plug that is all sooted up comes from the front right (looking from the cockpit, closest to the prop).  The sensor on this side is on the read cylinder.

All the other top plugs are a nice colour.  If it were carb balance, wouldn't both cylinders be affected?

Any ideas?

8750_1_IMG_1363.jpg (You do not have access to download this file.)
8750_1_79ea8831-d0ca-4a34-b976-36490079bfc5.JPG (You do not have access to download this file.)
  • Re: Uneven CHT and investigation

    by » one hour ago

    Some further information.  

    I pulled the bottom plug and also found it black. 

    I did a full leak down test and all checked out.  

    next step is carb balance, but I am still not convinced that will cause uneven CHTs. 

    Any assistance would be very helpful. 



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