I have a Rotax 912ULS S/N 6780858 with 200.0 hours. 

I've been confused by determining applicable SBs for my S/N.

Example: SB-912-073UL for Replacement of circle. Affected S/N's are later than mine and have a note that later S/N's than listed have been taken care of. What about S/N's earlier than those listed?

I've had a similar concern regarding Carb Floats. There are so many numbers coming out. My floats have been OK so far but I want to know what floats will be required for replacement.

Advice and Direction would be appreciated.

Thank you,

Larry Amato (larry0154@comcast.net)


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    The Circlip effective SN Range is "from S/N 6784306  up to  S/N  6787000 inclusive"  and your SN.6780858 is NOT in this Range, so it does NOT apply to you.
    There was a bad batch of circlips installed in the affected engines.  Before and/or After engines are not affected.

    Sticking your serial number in the Service Bulletin search engine shows that you are not included in the Float issues.
    The Serial Number search will show which bulletins apply to you.
    There are a dozen or so advisory Service Letters and Service instructions (SL, SI), but NO Service Bulletins (ASB, SB)
    It looks like you need to execute the "Do Nothing Option".

    The correct floats will be whatever is available at the time you actually need them.
    The target keeps changing and any obsolete floats will not be available from any reputable source.
    Worry about this one when the time comes.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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