Hi -


Recently purchased an aircraft with sn 5,615.352.  Can someone lookup this sn for me and tell me manufacture date and configuration? 

Also, I tried to register on rotax and it says serial number not found.  I've entered it with and without the "," and "." and still says not found.

And lastly, I have a BCD fuel pump model 893110 sn 13.4916.  Trying to figure out the age of the pump and if it needs to be replaced since Rotax recommends replacing fuel pump at 5 years.



  • Re: Serial Number Lookups

    by » 6 months ago

    BCD responded with fuel pump age as 2013.  So, in accordance with Rotax manual, I will have to change this.  Still need help with Rotax serial number though, and why I can't register on Rotax using it....


    Thanks in advance

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