Does anyone know of a complete technical explanation of the operation of the 914 engine? I am talking about what happens every step of the way from power up of the TCU, to starting, to what each valve and sensor does as the throttle is moved to 115% percent.  When and how does the TCU talk to each component.  The reason I ask this is because I recently had a problem and I had no idea where to start the troubleshooting. Had I known the operation of each component and what it does, it would have been easier to pinpoint the problem.  Fortunately a person with detailed knowledge of the operation of the system was able to give me places to check and I found the problem, which happened to be a cracked pressure sensor hose.  Had I know how the TCU operated the enrichment circuit and when it did I may have been able to find the crack sooner.

I have gone to the 9 series engines heavy maintenance school a few times so I am not unfamiliar with those engines.  There was just not as much 914 info taught and I didn't know I would someday be operating a 914 in my aircraft or that it would have the problem it did.  If I ever go again I will be all about many questions as what does what.  

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