Hello all.

I am looking for some advice on identifying an ignition issue.
I recently installed a used engine on my single place gyro.  The engine has 460 hours on it now as I have put just about 10 fresh hours on it.  The engine starts very well and smooth and makes great power.  

But... the other day during a simple Mag check my "left" kill switch test dropped 1000 rpm and run very poorly.  The other switch did the normal 100 rpm or so drop.

Today I starting digging and here is what I found.

I swapped ignition module plugs and the issue stayed with the left switch.    That tells me that the mag supply lines, the two red wires going to the two plugs (1 per module) probably has an issue.  Maybe a broken wire or pickup.  

The replacement costs for the pickups and SS braided lines with them is about $1000.  The engine is old so maybe that fact that I handled it in order to mount it in my gyro pushed some frail wire over the edge.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.  I hate being grounded.




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