I am looking for some help on solving a hot cylinder issue.  My #4 cylinder is bumping up against the limit during cruise.  At WOT all my temps are in the low to mid 1500s.  I tried raising the needle on the #4 carb side and it did bring it down a bit for a longer time, but it still was much hotter than the 1 and 2 cylinder.

I recently placed a 450 hour ULS back into service in my gyro.  The engine runs very smooth and make great power.  The plugs all look the same even though #4 is so much hotter than 1 and 2.  Like 200F!

Number 3 and 4 are running at least 100 degree F more than 1 and 2.  Typically 1 & 2 run around 1450 degrees F while #3 is 100 hotter and #4 hotter still.  #4 hits the limit after I come off a full power climb.  If I yaw the #4 cylinder into the wind I can cool it down to a more normal, but hotter temp than 1 and 2.  Can airflow cause such a problem?  If it wasn't for #4 hitting 1610-1630F I could enjoy flying.  I don't think that it can be a carburetor issue being that 1 and 2 are running at 1450F.  Would a small directing plate for #3 and #4 fix the issue or can it be something else?

Any advice is appreciated.



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