I haven’t flown in 4 weeks, busy month. 

Went to do a flight around the pattern before a busy Young Eagles day tomorrow with 80 kids.  

Did my run-up and when I got to around 3800 RPM I saw something like fog on the left side and then smoke.  I immediately shut-down to see oil covering the left wing and dripping from exhaust.  My initial oil pressure was fine but once I saw stuff I didn’t look back but engine never missed.

I probably lost 1/2-3/4 quart as it was on low side of the flat.  I did a start and the turbo gate cycled fine.  Per mechanic suggestion I topped off the oil and tried to start again watching the oil pressure closely.

starts fine  2100 rpm I had 53 PSI  did that for awhile lite residual left but nothing like before  

then did a 4000rpm run-up and again no issue and 46PSI

What is the issue?  I’m assuming turbo related but where?  What?

How do I know that won’t repeat in the air?  I’m not a fan of being a test pilot. Is this flyable since I can’t replicate? 

is this only on start this is an issue so if run-up is fine it won’t happen?  Trying to understand this more 


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