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    Good flying. Have fun.

    Roger Lee
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    Hi Roger,


    FYI -

    Until just a few years ago the best coolant (meeting European car standards) for Rotax 9's was not easily available in Australasia - as a result most people used Castrol Radicool NF (Green). There are other manufacturers (eg Nulon) that have products meeting the same standard. 

    I changed my Green coolant every 2 years or 200 hrs. 

    We now have access to Castrol Radicool SF (Red) which meets/exceeds Rotax standards. Fortuitously it is also used in most of my ground based vehicles.

    Both Red & Green are available as premix.

    Being a "control freak", I choose to purchase "concentrate" and mix to the recommended 50:50 using water I know to be of the required standard of purity.

    Changing the coolant every 200 hours/2 years (using your methodology) means that no "flushing" will be required.

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    it is not particularly easy here to find hoses in diameter 17 mm but by looking carefully, and hoping that it is indeed 17, we find some.

    Very often traders sell 16 X 24 EPDM

    Lots of people install 16 X 24 on their Rotax (which I wouldn't...of course!)

    The 16 X 24 is sold, 7.80€ for one meter long.

    The Rotax distributor sells the hose cut to 36 cm 58.95€ plus shipping, that's why a lot of people install 16 X 24

    I even found a tradesman who gave me the hose the length of the damaged one (but 16 X 24).

    This is the reality of business.

    BUT : It' fun to fly !

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