Apparently, a demand for 912/914 engines used in Iranian drones is spiking engine thefts, particularly in the EU. Rotax refuses to sell engines for military use in general, and particularly so to sanctioned states. (Early Turkish Bayraktar drones also used Rotax engines, but after Rotax cut off the supply, they now use something else.)

Thus, extra caution is warranted, not only to guard against theft, but in individual private sales of low-time used engines.


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  • Re: Rotax Engine Thefts

    by » 6 months ago

    Rotax maintains a compiled list of stolen engines. If you are considering the acquisition of a used engine, it is of utmost importance to cross-reference the engine's serial number (S/N) against this list. This verification process will help ascertain whether the engine has been reported stolen or not.

    Additionally, you have the option to reach out to your local Rotax distributor. They can provide further information regarding the legitimacy of the engine based on its serial number.


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