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    "If you spill Swift and let it evaporate, there's nothing left."

    Sounds great but as with so many positive attributes, there may be a down side - leak detection. 

    Residue/staining can be a valuable indicator of a leak that may otherwise go undetected or be very hard to find.

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    by » 3 months ago

    Based on the input that I have received and what I have available locally, this is the path I have chosen.  

    I will be using 90 octane ethanol free unleaded mogas with 20% 100LL added to increase the octane of the mixture to 92.  Namely 2 1/2 gallons of 100LL for every 10 gallons of 90 octane.  I realize that the requirement is 91 octane.  But, I wanted to provide some margin when mixing.

    My thoughts are this will avoid the issues with ethanol, assist with with vapor pressure and provide some dyeing for leak detection while minimizing the amount of lead.

    I will be transporting the gas in the standard five gallon red fuel jugs as needed.  I will be using the Tera Pump model # TRFA01-XL to pump the fuel into the tank of my RV-12.   Also, I will put a ground strap between the cart that the fuel jug will sit on and the airplane.

    Are people using an earth ground?

    Any comments?









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