I've searched the manuals and must just be having one of those days.

I've found the exhaust nut torque in the Installation Manual is 133 in.lb. but it looks like it's under the heading of when not using genuine rotax parts.

On Leading Edges site when buying the lock nut it says Lock Nut M8-WS12 / Torque: 12Nm / 110 in. lb.

Thanks for any guidance!

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    Not sure what your exhaust system looks like but I can’t get a torque wrench on several of my exhaust nuts anyway, so I just tighten them evenly by hand with a small wrench until snug, then just a tad more.  After the test run if no leaks I’m done. I’m not certain but they look like they are a copper alloy (like the ones on my old Alfa Romeo) and should strip if overtightened rather than the stud threads.

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    The exhaust is not considered a part of the engine unless you have the Turbo version; however, the principles are the same.
    That is why they defer the 912 exhaust to the airframe manufacturer.
    The Heavy Maintenance manual calls out the 12Nm spec. for the 914 turbo. Section 78-00-00, Page 19.
    These are the same parts, doing the same job as on the 912

    There is no reason to over-torque this connection as it is going to relive itself as it becomes Red Hot.
    You just need it snug enough to stay together.

    Bill Hertzel
    Rotax 912is
    North Ridgeville, OH, USA
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    Hi Scott,

    133 in/lbs sounds good to me. :) 


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