This email is to confirm that I have recently acquired a Rotax 912A [Serial Number 4410165) which was removed from a VH SkyFox [VH-OLS]
This engine entered service at "0" hours on 23/03/1997 and has a TTIS of 1484.9 hours as recorded in the Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia Log Book.
That said, I am keen to learn if this engine can still be used, subject to Periodic inspection and condition report etc.
I ask the same as I am keen to install the same into my Aerosport Scamp ZK-LDD
I look forward to receiving your support and reply.

Many thanks in advance. Simon

  • Re: Rotax 912A Hours

    by » 3 months ago

    The engine is beyond its TBO limits and Rotax requires it to have an overhaul. You will need to contact your local aviation authority and see their rules and regulations regarding using an engine beyond its TBO. Every country is different, and it will depend on the classification of the aircraft the engine is going into (LSA, SLSA, Experimental, Certified)

    The engine is a certified engine. 

    Thank you said by: Simon Osborne

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