I'm a new member and already I'm in need of a little help! ?


Does anybody know where to find the new Rotax 914 fuel pump P/N 889703, apart from Rotax directly?

Do you know who the manufacturer is and what the model is? Do you know why they stopped using the Pierburg pump?

Now for the troubleshooting experts : ?

The aircraft is a giro with a 914 engine. 2 electrical pump (the new model) setup in parallel on the fuel line, mounted close to the bottom of the firewall. There is a check valve after the pumps and a fuel filter before the pumps. The pumps have a built in check valve and there is no bypass fuel line.

After a little over 1000Hrs of trouble free operation, I changed the fuel filter as I had done about 20 times before and 1 pump seemed like it didn't prime after that. It sounded like it was running dry and I could see through the fuel filter that the fuel flow was almost non existent and the fuel pressure stayed low. The second pump worked fine.

The screen inside the pump looks clean but it's hard to see. I checked the connections and didn't find any air leak.

When I tested the pump outside the aircraft it worked fine, it self primed and the fuel flow looked adequate (although I didn't mesure it).

Anybody has any insight to what happened? Should we just consider that 1000Hrs is a good life for a pump???



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    Buy Rotax parts from Lockwood, L.E.A.F., Air-Tech, Aircraft Spruce

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    Thanks but Lockwood and LEAF sell one pump for over 500$... Aircraft spruce 628$...

    I can find the "old" Pierburg for around 100€...


    I had hoped that the pump was used in other application and that they would be cheaper especially if I have to change them every 1000Hrs...

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    Finally found the culprit... It was an air leak, the fuel filter was defective.


    I'd be interested to know why it affected one pump and not the other if anybody has any insight!

    Thank you said by: RotaxOwner Admin, Wayne Fowler

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    Does anyone have the manufacture and part number for the 889703 Rotax fuel pump that the OP asked about? I couldn’t find it.

    Specifications also would be great. My motorglider has an EFI Hirth engine that uses 100 lph (3.0 bar) Pierburg pump. I’m trying to find a lower volume pump as the current one recirculates multiples more than the max flow that I need, but I’m not having much luck finding a quality smaller one. 

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