Last year I replaced a fuel pump on my Tecnam P92, Rotax 912ULS2 engine as required every 5 years. The action was done by a qualified mechanic and recorded as required including P/N and S/N of the pump. The pump was purchased from a local Rotax dealer in April 2022.

During CofA inspection I was asked for the manufacture date of the pump to make sure it did not exceed its shelf life!

The fuel pump is Rotax P/N 893115 and serial no. 21.3533

I guess the 21 represents the manufacture year but I could not find any reference to it.

Would appreciate having any formal ref to the manufacture date based on the above S/N

  • Re: 912 fuel pump serial number tracking

    by » 12 months ago

    The mechanical fuel pumps have NO shelf life! They have a 5-year service life. The clock starts once the fuel pump is installed on the engine (The engine Log book entry tracks the installation date).

    Unfortunately, there is no information available on the fuel pump based on its S/N however, the 21 that is stamped onto the pump indicates the year of the manufacturer (2021).

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