Hi All,

My 914ULS-powered aircraft has a Garmin G3X Touch in the cockpit and one of my EGT sensors went south.

The Garmin installation manual says to use an Alcor 86255 K-Type probe: https://www.mcfarlaneaviation.com/products/product/86255/

But, my installation has a screw-in type (see picture), so looking at that page, it seems the equivalent (based on the resistance) of that type is the 86240: https://www.mcfarlaneaviation.com/products/product/86240/

Make sense?  I'm confused because somewhere along the way I thought this was the right sensor: https://www.leadingedgeairfoils.com/8mm-egt-probe-screw-in-type-for-2-or-4-stroke.html

That one is much cheaper, though it's been on backorder for half a year (so I haven't fixed my blown EGT).

Also, is it OK to splice in the new EGT wires?  I'm not thrilled about the idea of having to re-string the whole length of the probe wire to the panel.



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