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    I don't mean to imply that people would lie on the logs. The logs only cover what a mechanic or owner does to a plane. They don't cover what time, environment, usage, etc... do to the engine. This is what I'm looking for in order to be an informed user and buyer.

    This Forum is a place where the information is "written down where the public read it"

    Agreed, except there's a frustrating lack of information on this topic. It's great to get people's thoughts on service history documentation, and I agree wholeheartedly with the notion that "if it wasn't written down, it didn't happen". However, none of that is actionable in the sense of being an educated buyer.

    Being an engineer, and having had plenty of issues with mechanics who do their job but miss certain things, I feel ill-informed right now because of the lack of information. Certainly the mechanic who did the prebuy on the aforementioned Kitfox C-FXCE did not simply wing it, and instead had a list of things to cover. I'd love if someone could post that list.

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    Hi Kenz

    Where are you located, and where is the aircraft located?

    Essentially a pre-buy inspection is a 100hr inspection along with an ASB, SB, SL, and SI search to verify everything is complied with. We recommend having someone familiar with the Rotax 914 (and aircraft) complete the Pre-Buy inspection.

    There is some additional information within the Pre-Buy video that may assist you with the process. https://www.rotax-owner.com/en/videos-topmenu/912-videos/683

    Here is where you can find the Line maintenance manual to help with the 100hr inspection https://www.rotax-owner.com/pdf/MML_914_Series_ED2_R2_E.pdf

    Here is the link to search for bulletins - https://www.flyrotax.com/p/service/technical-documentation




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    Since day one I always use a Maint. Manual checklist to do a pre-buy, a 25 hr. warranty inspection, 100 hr or annual condition inspection. This is so I don't miss or leave out something and then I annotate things I tweak, touch, torque or change in the margins and then that all goes to the owner. I do the same for the fuselage part too. Plus a normal logbook entry for a 100 hr. / annual is a full page long typed in #9 font.

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