I have a 914 engine on my gyroplane. I am having trouble with my westgate. Before starting the engine when i set the master on waste gate is doing the test and freely tests itself. No problem in movement and also moving to fully open and close position. After starting the engine also the position is correct untill i open full throttle, westgate makes a slight movement and stays there untill i reduce to idle. So because of this i cant get my Turbo working ! I have tried to move the wastgate manualy and realised my Turbo is working properly and have no problem with the Turbo.

Meanwhile im gaining 4900-5100 RPM which is pretty low and my Turbo is literaly not working.During the the full throttle gaining 1370 airbox pressure , Manifold pressure of 39.9, Ambient pressure 96.5,Throttle position 114% Servo position 94, Airbox temp 54.


TPS is calibrated.


So what i think about is maybe there is a faulty indication sent to the TCU and i cant get my turbo working at 114% throttle position.

Any suggestion ?

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