Hi my plane (a 2020 colt with 200 hours) is currently being ferried from Florida to Texas. After a routine stop for gas , the pilot experienced a 2000 RPM drop on the right mag during the run up. A local mechanic on the field (not a Rotax expert) has been attempting to diagnose the problem, but appears to be having trouble localizing. At first they thought is was related to plugs, then one of the ignition coils, both have since been ruled out. Any ideas please

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    by » 3 months ago

    Hi David,

    Can I confirm you are getting a 2000 RPM drop or 200 RPM drop when you do a run-up check?  (Also what RPM are you doing the check at!) , if it is a 2000 RPM drop from a 4000 RPM run up that seems huge difference.

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    by » one month ago

    A little more info might help here.  First, please verify if a 200 RPM drop or 2000 RPM drop.  If 200, believe it or not, the most likely culprit is a bad carb sync, or carbs having gone out of sync.  Yes, this can affect the mag check, and often does.


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