I have a 912ULS in my Remos G3 .... it was replaced at timeout with a new one 50 hours ago.  I just bought the plane and the Flydat is doing its lovely SERVICE! message and I cant clear it so Im assuming it needs to go to a shop.   My question is can I just remove it and switch over to say MGL  EMS-1 or do I have to leave all the FLYDAT stuff installed??


Thx for any input.

  • Re: Flydat removal

    by » one year ago

    Hi Eric

    Remos would have to answer that one.  Given you are in the USA I assume it is an SLSA.  As such Remos has to supply you with the recommendation and how to install an alternative.  if you wish to install the MGL someone has to do the paperwork so you can update your maintenance manual and include any continued airworthiness information you might need.  

    I am not sure if they still maintain a formal distributor in the US so you might have to search for that info.  Perhaps someone on the forum can help.  If you must there is always the option to move it to ELSA however you have to judge if that is something you want to do.  Once moved I do not believe you can bring it back to a Special. 


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