I have a fuel screen at my gas tank output port and the screen in the gascolator, but believe I should have another fuel filter. Please provide your thoughts, recommendations, and location, if you recommend an additional filter.

Thank You

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    by » 6 months ago

    I have the same set up as you, in my Sonex . Early days but it seems to be fine. Make sure your gascolator screen conforms to Rotax recommended standard (From poor memory 100-50 mu).

    My last aircraft, ATEC Zephyr/912/ULS, used Hengst H102WK & Hengst H103WK gauze filters on main, boost  and reserve supply lines (no Gascolator). 10 years 950 hrs never a fuel problem.

    This is a common set up/filter on European Rotax motivated aircraft.

    Thank you said by: Jack Martin

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