Wondering if this needs to be fixed?

Mechanic reinstalled the fuel hose going from the rail to the pump and put a kink in it and moved the line from the right side of the engine to the center. it was zip tied to the other fuel line to prevent it from moving. 

I’m concerned that a slight bump could loosen the banjo bolt. only 7.5 ft lbs on the bolt and the line is hanging out right in the middle with no support.

What if anything should I do to make sure the fuel line doesn’t move? No good spot to safety wire or zip tie it.


9926_1_32308D8B-3F26-4B6A-854A-92575AAF2A99.jpeg (You do not have access to download this file.)
  • Re: Fuel line routing?

    by » 5 months ago

    It is a bit hard to see the sharp bend you are talking about, but looking at the picture the fuel line routing doesn't look optimal. There is also a sharp bend in the fuel hose close to the firewall. That line could possibly be routed to the left of the carburetor, viewed backwards, but the choke cable is preventing that relocation. You will need to either loosen the hose at the fuel pump, or loosen the choke cable to fix it.


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