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    Thank you so much!


    I don't have a BUDS dongle yet but, I have downloaded the Flight Data Recorder (FDR) logs from the G3X, is that what you need to look at?

    If it is it's rather a large file. I can send you a link to my drop box or let me know what you would like me to do.

    I can delete the first 3/4's of the line items to make the file size smaller. It is only the last few pages or so that cover the errant flight data, I believe.

    Thank You,



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    Here is a Drop Box link to the file. The only way I can look at it is in numbers. It is quite unmanageable. I imagine there is software to look at BUDS downloaded files that make them manageable. I don't know if your software can work with .csv files from the Garmin G3X.

    Let me know if this helps.


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    Hi Ray,

    I narrowed down your data to show just the FADEC and other engine data for the period of time that your G3X displayed a CAS alert of "Engine ECU".  This was about 20 minutes of run time on 12/23/23.  I saved it as an Excel file (see below), but if you only have the Numbers Software that should import it fine.  

    During this time period, your oil pressure and other readings were reporting correctly.  Ambient Air Pressure is not logged to the G3X so you would need BUDS to see that data real time. The best clues you have from the G3X are the two sensor errors that are being reported. You could chase down these two faults, but it would be a good idea to start with connecting BUDS software to verify these errors. 

    I see you are in Roseville CA, I'm in Santa Rosa CA. I have a BUDS dongle and laptop, and I'm always looking for a reason for a flight! So, if you need a BUDS dongle let me know. 

    38571_2_ECU Fault Data.xlsx (You do not have access to download this file.)

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    I am getting the needed 5 volts to both sensors but I need to check Sig line continuity from the OPS and AATPS Sensors to the ECU.

    The ECU connectors are VERY delicate and not wanting to damage them I am looking for the Rotax part #277012 – ECU-adapter that Lockwood and Motive Aero both show out of stock. Does anyone have one they would be willing to loan out, or know where I can find one to buy?

    If you don't have the ECU connector adapter but you have an idea of what else I might try please let me know.

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    Here’s the latest. 
    I stumbled across something interesting, if I only turn on one lane it comes online and there’s no fault showing. It does not matter which lane. While the lane is active the only red showing on the BUDS health page is saying no data received from the other lane, until I activate the other lane. Then the red goes off altogether until the newly started lane has time to self-check then the lanes A and B faults show up(ambient air pressure sensor and Oil Pressure sensor faults) on their respective lanes!

    thinking there may be a short circuit between the wiring going to the AAPT sensor and the OPS I double checked them but no shorts could be found between any of their conductors.

    This engine has less than 40 hours on it and is currently under warranty, for now, Rotax was notified that I need help in early December 23. It took over a month to get the first phone call from the nearest Rotax guy who asked for data logs. He could not open or look at the data from the G3X touch. So he ghosted me for the next month until Jeff, above, road in wearing his shining armor and carrying a BUDS level 2!

    The data file I sent the Rotax guy I think confused him. He said everything was in a fault condition, it’s so bad the engine shouldn’t even be running!

    Then he ghosted me again until I sent him my latest findings, mentioned above. This time he said he has sent this off to Rotax engineers to sort out. This was 2weeks ago. 

    I’m getting pretty bummed about this. Hopefully Rotax won’t wait until the warranty has expired to tell me so sorry you are on your own, but that ECU you need will be $14,000!

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