I have 460 hours on my Sling 2 with a 912iS engine. Yesterday when I was going to fly, my Lane B light was on solid before I attempted to start the engine. I powered down and back up a couple of times with the same fault. Today I used my Dongle to connect my laptop to read the error log. It showed that I connected to Lane A but not to Lane B. Under the health tab there were 2 red highlighted items under the Lane A Device Status. "No Data Received From Opposite Lane" and "Diagnostic CAN Bus Communication". I tried to extract the logs (worked previously) but when I got to the step where it tells me to "Switch ECU on & wait", it just hung without extracting the logs.

I'm hoping someone can give me some suggestions what to try. Seems like a communication error someplace. I disconnected the Lane B connector from the ECU and reconnected it, but no change in the error.

Thanks for your help.



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