Hy all,

I just wonder how reliable the 912iS would be flying trough rain, in an inevitable situacion, lots of water penetrating the cowling.

Contis and Lycs are almost waterproof, how would a Rotax 912iS behave, with all his connectors and electronics geting really wet?


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    by » 3 months ago

    Hi Max

    The answer is don't worry.  All the electronics are sealed at the connections with O-rings on the connectors for the wire harness.  The real issue with rain will be the type of prop you have and what damage, if any, can occur to the leading edge of the blades.  Most light props are fine however some might not do as well depending on the amount of rain and the type of material they are made from.  Almost all Lycs and Contis have metal props so not much of an issue for them.  

    If you do remove or replace anything connected to your harness be sure to follow the recommendation of using some dielectric grease when you reassemble it.  


    Thank you said by: Max Marin Wirth

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    I’ve never heard of a problem but it’s true that most light sport aircraft don’t fly in continuous heavy rain. However, I’m confident the injected Rotax would be unaffected for the following reasons:

    The ECU is not in the engine compartment.

    The Rotax fusebox is in the engine compartment, but is fully gasket at the cover and wiring connectors.

    All sensor connections have integrated silicone seals.

    Engine heat evaporates most moisture very quickly. 

    Short term moisture is not typically a problem for electrical systems, it’s long term moisture that creates corrosion and inhibits electrical connections. 

    Thank you said by: Max Marin Wirth

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