went flying today
initial runup and takeoff fine...climb out fine....cruise for 10 minutes to other airport fine...low approach flyover fine. Upon advancing full throttle to go around and come back for full stop landing Lane A light came on....engine only made 4700 rpm as opposed to 5100....engine ran rough on climb out...red light lane still on as we headed back to home field to terminate flight ...enroute tried to recycle light as had previous experience with light coming on and rough engine when not following perfect start up procedures (ie: on start up set rpm at 2200 for 2 minutes then 2500. Perhaps computer was tricked.) but that time the engine eventually ran fine and light went off.) In this case the engine continued running rough up to landing. In retrospect perhaps should have terminated lane a and run only on lane b.....after landing tried numberous runnups to full power to alleviate problem lane b ran at 5200 rpm but lane a would only run up to 4700rpm and light continued to remain lit on lane a and all engine gauges remained on. Now what?????
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