Dear Sir,

We have procured the Rotax 912iS sport engine. Identified that only one set of following HIC mating connectors & pins supplied with the engine. We would like to procure a few more sets with CoC (Certification of Conformance). 

Shall we approach Rotax to procure an extra set with CoC (Molex connectors)? Please advise.

If no, please recommend the way forward to get these extra set of connectors/pins with CoC.

Note: Because, here in India there are suppliers, who supply the same with Supplier's CoC. We seek CoC from the manufacturer or from Rotax.

I hope you understood our concern. Please Suggest.

Molex Part Number

Item Descriptions


2x6pins   HIC A Mating Connector


2x8pins   HIC B Mating Connector


Male crimp terminal pins

  • Re: HIC mating connector

    by » one month ago

    Rotax  HIC  connector set has Rotax  p/n 4417255. Individual connector shells and pins (pins in large quantities) are sold by Newark electronics , Allied electronics ,or  Mouser electronics. Individual pins are sold by Arrow electronics. The required crimping and extractor tools are sold by Allied electronics. Crimping mfr. p/n 64016-0035, Allied p/n 70231901 and extractor mfr. p/n 63813-1500, Allied p/n 70090779. Note; the part numbers you show on your thread are not the same as the ones on some of my past invoices. Might be just a change in numbers by mfr. or could be a change in connector design. I would verify with Molex, phone 1 800 786 6539. I do not have any information concerning CoC.

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