I've been noticing recently that my number 4 cylinder is reading just a little higher than normal, hovering around 1605-1615 F on climb out. This seems to have crept up over the last few weeks as I hadn't really seen above 1580 F or so before. This is in the normal range I believe and certainly not the max. Normally this only happens during a climb and I can pull back and it goes down of course, but even at 5500 in level flight I'm still around 1595 F on that cylinder. What really gets my attention isn't the temp but the difference between cylinders. The #1 is below the #4 by 110 F sometimes. 1 and 2 are always cooler than 3 and 4 of course but this split seems high. Is this normal? Also is the slowly rising EGT a sign of something I should address?


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